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On the front line for better nutrition and fitness

Every day your clients and patients look to you for advice on how to optimize their health, performance and quality of life. It’s a responsibility you take seriously, and one that we at RECOR Nation share and support. In fact, SDC Nutrition, our parent company; was co-founded by a trainer who could not in good conscience send his clients to buy protein supplements with misleading claims and inferior quality.

That’s why if you are a personal trainer, dietitian, physician or nutrition consultant, we invite you to try Recor dietary supplements. See for yourself what a great tasting whey protein product can do for you. If you agree that Recor dietary supplements would be a better option for your clients’ health and nutritional goals, please consider joining the Recor Nation team as a registered reseller.

This unique program allows you to generate an additional revenue source while you also provide your clients with good advice and superior protein supplement products. So get started today by filling out this form below we’ll send you information so you can Maximize your Potential.